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Simple Ways for find the Natural Saffron Color
Welcome to pure Persian Saffron with natural color
The use of saffron color has long history more than thousand-year. This product has important status in between people of the world, especially Iran. Today the majority of food producers and even families need to saffron, but because of the expensive have to use the saffron industrial products especially saffron color.
It is never necessary who you use saffron artificial colors for decorating and shaping of foods that the most of them are harmful for us. If we can know and understand obviously saffron natural color so we can guarantee our health and our family. But is how? How we can find exactly natural saffron color? Some think this is hard and only saffron experts can find while it is simple and all the people can find it.
We have a few simple symbols that help you along the way so it is possible and simple:

  • Natural saffron color is always orange.
  • Just a bit of color saffron put in warm water and solve in a white ceramic dish. If your color was resolved and when you empty or unloading it, its effects remains on the bowel (in order to the dish color change) so we can tell that this color is artificial and harmful.
  • The power of color mightn't be low.


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