Saffron Spray


Saffron Spray Description

  • %100 Natural and Pure Saffron
  • Color: Golden Natural Color
  • Aroma: Exquisite & Pure
  • Taste: Excellent & Pure
  • Product: Iran


Saffron Spray Ingredients

% 100 Pure Saffron Powder and Purified Water


Saffron Spray Features

  • Liquid Saffron Increased Durability "Without Preservatives"
  • Use Non-Flammable Propellant Gas Not Associated with The Liquid Saffron
  • The Spray of Fluid to Standing, Inverted and Disposed
  • Non- Aerosol Spray
  • Non GMO


Saffron Spray Application

  • Uses in Home for Cook or Drink (Add to Coffee or Tea) and Decoration of Food
  • Uses Chef just before serving (Delicious on rice, Meat, Chicken and fish)


Saffron Spray Shelf Life

10 Months from Production Date.


Saffron Spray Package

Box of 80 ml (72 cans per Carton)

Saffron Spray Min

2000 Boxes

Saffron Spray Delivery Detail:

One working week after payment.

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