Natural Saffron Color


Natural Saffron Color Specification

  • Product: Natural Saffron Color
  • Type: Liquid & Powder
  • Favor: Saffron Flavor
  • Grade: Food Grade
  • Ingredients: Saffron Dried Stigmas Powder & Natural Food Colors
  • Quality: 100 % Pure and Natural Saffron Powder, 100 % Natural Edible Colors
  • Place of Origin: Iran
  • Available: The Whole Year


Natural Saffron Color Advantages

  • Saffron Color Increased Durability "Without Preservatives"
  • Improved Product Specification Starting from Procurement of the Raw Material
  • Same Sustained Quality All 6 months of Production Date
  • Manufactured in ISO, HACCP, KOSHER and HALAL Certified Factory.
  • Sample Are Available to WORLD WIDE
  • After You Received Our Samples and Confirmed the Quality We Can Negotiate About Price, We Offer the Best Price and the Best Quality in The World
  • We Offer the Best Quality of Our Natural Saffron Color Which is Sealed in Reliable Laboratory Which it has Standard Quality
  • No Need to Grind and Brew the Saffron. It could be used Easily
  • Private Label Available


Natural Saffron Color Application

  • Uses in Home ( household desserts, sweets dried, bastille, ice cream, roulette, jelly, kachi, cake, shole zard,
  • Uses in Restaurants, Hotels, Kitchens
  • Uses in Industries: Food & Beverage Industries such as Confectionery & Bars & Snacks & Chocolate & Dairy& Ice Creams & Baked Goods & Baby Foods & Alcoholic Beverage & Food, Medicinal (Pharmaceutical) and Cosmetic


Shelf Life

6 Months from Production Date


  • Saffron Liquid Color: Box of 200 CC, 1 Liter, Bulk Package
  • Saffron Powder Color: Box of 50 g, 1 kg, Bulk Package

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